Posted by: johnnyp1978 | October 5, 2007

Your Wife is Ugly

I really liked R.C Sproul’s latest article responding to the “seeker-friendly” movement:

I totally agree with R.C. on this topic. In fact, I plan to write an article one of these days addressing the “seeker-friendly”/ Emerging Church movement. My title would be “You’re a Cool Guy But Your Wife is Ugly.” I feel that this movement is telling people that they can like Jesus but don’t have to like His bride. Too many of these new churches have the subtitle “For Those Who Are Sick of Church” or something like that. It is true, Christ’s bride is ugly… as Steve Brown always says, “The Church is a whore but she’s still my mother.” You got to love the church regardless how much she can be a b*tch.

I, as much as the rest of my fellow believers, want to see people come into the Kingdom, but I am regulated by Scripture (the Regulative Principle) on how to witness and disciple people. If your church seems odd to outsiders you might actually be doing something right not something wrong. This is a meeting between the Father and His children. Evangelism can happen within the walls of worship, but overall evangelism happens outside of the worship service… the worship service is for believers. So, all that said… passion for the salvation of the world is great and very important but obedience to God’s Word is just as important.



  1. Here are some more good articles I have come across on the Emergent church:

    I really like this response to Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis:

    And there is also this article “La-Z-Boy Religion: Assessing the Emerging Church”:

  2. I found another good resource on By Faith’s website:

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