Posted by: johnnyp1978 | October 9, 2007

Looking at Worship

Well, the church I now attend, Reformation OPC, has begun a Sunday school class going through D.G. Hart and John Muether’s (one of our elders) book With Reverence and Awe. I hope to try and reflect on each Sunday’s lesson and work through what I’m learning about worship. I took a class on worship at RTS with John Frame. He has a very broad view of the Regulative Principle… one a little different from the traditional Puritan view. He’s also a big proponent of contemporary music. Muether on the other hand is very Puritan when it comes to his views on worship, and though I find many of Frame’s arguments strong (I mean, he is Yoda) I’m still drawn more toward Muether (even though he’s a Mets fan). Muether is a mad man at making mixed drinks… oh wait, sorry, to the regulative principle. I’ve really struggled between Calvin and Luther’s view on Scripture when it comes to what it regulates. Calvin would say we can only do that which the Bible allows in worship, while Luther would say we can do anything that the Bible doesn’t prohibit in worship (that’s my very sloppy version of those two sides). This past Sunday something was said that made me see why Calvin’s view is probably the better view. Because we are sinners we are prone to do the wrong things in worship. Through the Calvinist view, if we do only that which Scripture allows we can be assured that we are doing worship that pleases God. On the other hand, by doing things which Scripture hasn’t commanded, even if they seem good and innocent, may really be displeasing to God… you run into the danger of bringing strange fire before the Lord.


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