Posted by: johnnyp1978 | February 26, 2008

Progressive Confession

I was listening to Glenn Beck and heard him talking about Progressive thinking. When he started talking about how Woodrow Wilson desired a “Living Constitution” ( I started thinking about how this kind of thinking has crept into the church. People look at the confessions of the church as something old and outdated, that we need something new and fresh, something that reflects the times. I’m not going to deny that the confessions aren’t perfect, they aren’t Scripture, and that there are things that need Reforming in the tradition of Semper Reformanda, but with Progressive thinking you scrap the old and bring in the new. I’ll use the Westminster as an example. While there are things in the WCF that are questionable and debatable, overall the WCF is very sound and has nothing that needs to change except some modernization of language not content. Yet many people in the church don’t see the need of the WCF any more, or they see it as old and useless to the modern church. Yet the Puritans weren’t writing this document to be temporary, just as the founding fathers didn’t write the Constitution to be temporary. There is room for amending, but to trash the whole document is to piss on the graves of those who died for these documents. Men didn’t just die for the U.S. Constitution; the Puritans were taking big risks writing the Westminster and saying that this is the TRUE teaching of the church and rubbing it in the face of the Roman Catholic Church. Though no confession is perfect they are there to help guide us in orthodoxy. To begin to drift from them is to begin to drift from orthodoxy to uncertainty of where the fences of orthodoxy are. The Emerging Church is that movement which reflects the progressive movement. They don’t want to be strapped to any kind of standard. They allow their selves to evolve as culture evolves; this is their “Living Confession.” No, I don’t agree with every single word of the WCF, but I find very little that I can disagree with because I find the majority of the confessions to be in complete agreement with Scripture. We need standards to help us stick to orthodox Christianity and a guideline to make sure I’m in line with Scripture. Scripture is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What was true for the church during the Puritans days is still true for us today, that we are to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.



  1. It is interesting that your “churchy” posts thus far are all critical- you’re mostly talking about the things that you are against rather than the things that you are for.

  2. Alright… if all my post were completely positive would you have responded “all of your ‘churchy’ posts thus far are all uncritical?” I probably wouldn’t have gotten a response at all. The title of my blog page is “Inside JP’s Head: Johnny P’s Brain Explodes.” Most of my blogs are gonna be on the critical side because it helps me to get out my frustrations. I’m prone to write about things that bother me rather than things that don’t. That is just my choice and when something does move me to write something positive then I will. Of course, if you read all of this present post on the Confession you will see what I am for and that’s that I’m pro-confession.

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