Posted by: johnnyp1978 | March 13, 2008

Weekly Communion

A church I went to once practiced weekly communion on Sunday evenings. The church then got rid of Sunday evening worship. I mentioned before the elders how I enjoyed weekly communion. One elder gave one of the common arguments against weekly communion and that was: for one, the Bible doesn’t say “do this often”, but it says “for as often.” And second, it looks like a return to Roman Catholicism.

Well, my answer to one is that yes, the Bible doesn’t says “do this often” which has been an error by some. But it does seem to emphasize “often” in the sense that communion should be a common practice. And my answer to two is that our problem with the RCC is not on frequency of the Lord’s Supper but on transubstansiation. It seems historically the reason why many Prostestant churches stopped doing frequent communion is to set them a part from the RCC. Also, in Scotland they needed time to go around to each household to see if they were able to come to the Table, then they would receive a token they would have to take to service with them and present to the elders so that they could receive the elements. So, there are historical reasons for taking communion quarterly. Typically today most churches practice monthly communion.

 For me weekly communion is preferrable. If the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace then shouldn’t I want this grace given to me frequently? Also, if I should happen to miss a Sunday for certain reasons I can always look forward to the next Sunday where I can participate in the Lord’s Supper. If it was only distributed once a month and I happened to miss that Sunday then I would have to wait a whole month before I could come before the Table again. The Bible doesn’t say “do this often” but it does say “for as often” which to me still sounds like a charge to practice communion frequently. And in the Calvinist view of the Lord’s Supper, Christ is truly present in Spirit when we practice communion; I want Christ’s presence often. Frequent communion also means more frequent charges to repentance; for if I am unable to come to the Table for some sin in my life that I am harboring I am going to want to get rid of this sin as quickly as possible so that I might participate in the Lord’s Supper that next Sunday. I could go on and on with more reasons. Here is a great article written by Rev. Eric Watkins about weekly communion:


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