Posted by: johnnyp1978 | March 26, 2008


Bridge in Jasper, GA

Chattanooga definitely has a piece of my heart. It holds so many memories for me – happy, sad, joyful, hurtful, funny, and depressing memories. One of my all time favorite things to do in Chatty was to hop in the car and just drive. There didn’t have to be a final destination; I would just drive and drive until I felt I had driven far enough and then I would turn back and go home. The picture above is of a bridge in Jasper, TN just north of Chatt. I used to love the drive from Chatt to Jasper. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I also loved putting in a great trancing cd to listen to as I drove. I have so many memories from my drives when I listen to Radiohead’s “Kid A”. There are so many miles on my car that are there simply from those drives. I’m pretty frustrated with the gas prices right now; it prevents me from doing much driving around for simple pleasure. Also, my car is getting old and I need her to stay around a little bit longer, so I’m trying not to wear her out. I know many of my friends don’t really get just going somewhere without a reason. On the weekends when I’m sick of sitting around the house I’ll tell my friends let’s go somewhere. The question will be “where”? My answer is often “I don’t know yet… we’ll know when we get there.” I hope one of these days I’ll have a newer car and more income to afford some more adventure driving… I do miss it.


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