Posted by: johnnyp1978 | April 2, 2008

Don’t lend unless you are certain

I was listening to Pandora radio… great stuff by the way (… and Fleming and John came on. Every time I hear them I remember how much I love them. I saw them back in ’97 or ’98 I believe it was with Sixpence None the Richer in Nashville. I also remember that I had 2 of their CD’s and lost both of them to girls. One was a friend of mine that I worked with at Tony’s Pasta… I let her borrow one of their CD’s and we had some kind of fight and I never got my CD back. The other was an ex of mine, and after we broke up I never saw it again. Now I’m reluctant to lend stuff unless I’m certain our relationship has solid ground; well, reluctant to lend something dear to me. I might let you borrow my broom or a copy of “Crime and Punishment” ’cause I really don’t use them, but ask to borrow a Radiohead CD you better prove your loyalty first ;).



  1. I’m still thankful for you letting me borrow the first Sigur Ros CD way back when at that mexican restaurant… Actually, I guess you burnt that for me, but I’m still thankful. I’ve become a huge fan since! I know I’ve asked you this, but you’ve seen their live dvd right?

    I’ve been a very unloyal Johnny P Blog reader lately. My bad. :oP

  2. Yep… I own that dvd. I would love to visit Iceland. I also saw them live in Atlanta about 5 years ago.

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