Posted by: johnnyp1978 | April 14, 2008

It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine.

I found this article by Cal Beisner to be interesting:

Romans 1 teaches us that deep down inside all men (and women) know that God exists, but they have suppressed that truth. Because nature reveals to them the truth of the Triune God they must make up stories in order to cover Him up. Evolution is the popular view of Western pagans that has buried the idea of a Creator and replaced Him with an accident. Now that creation has been explained now they have to do something about that final judgement. So, now we are given stories of how this world will end, and none ever end with the return of Christ. No, they end with a great natural disaster or a huge mistake by man which wipes us all out. There used to be the nuclear scare, but since the end of the Cold War that has faded away. Today the popular view held is that of Global Warming or is that Climate Change now? Ted Turner jumped right on this “Doomsday” band wagon:

Of course, I’m sure Ted even makes most athiests cringe with his stupid remarks. I’m just praying that the Braves rename our stadium after someone more worthy such as Hank Aaron or Bobby Cox.

Christians should be good stewards of this earth. We should recycle, plant trees, etc. But our epistemological reasonings behind being good stewards should be for far different reasons than those of the pagan. We want to take care of the earth because it is the Creator’s and He has charged us to be good stewards. But we also should keep awareness that the ultimate cleaner of this earth will be the Holy Spirit who’s gonna purify this earth by fire. Our concern for the fish of the sea should be far less than our concern for the men of the earth. The animals and plants of this planet aren’t going to hell when they die, but all unbelievers are.

Christians hug a tree, God put them there and wants us to be good to His creation. But don’t forget that Jesus’ commands were about making disciples of men not planting trees. Plant trees along side the pagan and teach them who made the trees and about the one who died on a tree and how one day He will return and His Spirit will clean up what we couldn’t and that nothing will ever wither on this planet again. People need to be way less frightened of Global Warming and more frightened of the wrath of God that they have suppressed the knowledge of.


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