Posted by: johnnyp1978 | April 25, 2008

The Global Warming List

Okay, let’s see how more ridiculous this Global Warming theory can get (yep, I called it a theory):

Read the transcript from the Glenn Beck Show on this… it’s freakin’ hilarious!



  1. First of all, Glen Beck is the man. His show is so great- my step-dad and I watch him frequently.

    I’m curious about your thoughts on global warming. What evidence has been presented to you that proves that it’s just a theory, and not fact?

  2. Well, some really good articles can be found here:

    Cal Beisner was a professor of mine at Covenant and has just recently joined the OPC.

    I feel the science of Global Warming has been very shotty. They don’t have enough evidence to prove Global Warming which has now become Climate Change. I mean around 30 years ago the scare was Global Cooling. But there are historical records of the earth going through climate change in its past. When Ancient Rome inhabitted what today is England they would speak of the lucious grapes that came from there. Now England doesn’t have that kind of climate. There has also been something know as the Little Ice Age – – this is just proof that our earth goes through cycles of change. Global Warming activists are looking at this as doomsday for the earth, but what history shows us is that humans learn to adapt to change. I mean, England had to learn to not be dependent upon a warmer climate after it cooled down, and look at England… it’s still surviving. Perhaps one day England will once again be known for its grapes and wine! Oh, and anyone that believes that the ocean levels are going to rise to a level where the whole earth is covered should look to the rainbow and remember the promise God gave to Noah.

  3. Here’s a great article I came across:

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