Posted by: johnnyp1978 | April 28, 2008

Karma & Jesus

One of the greatest gifts given to the church by the Reformation is the doctrine of Sola Scripture. There is no word higher than the Word of God and the only Word of God is that which is contained in the pages of Scripture. “The scriptures principally teach what man is to believe concerning God, and what duty God requires of man” (WSC #3). Unfortunately too many people are not seeking the Scriptures and discovering who God is. Instead they are making up their own versions of God. I am going to list just a few characteristics given to God by men which is not true from Scripture.

First, there is the mistake of turning God into Zeus. I hear this view of God from many atheists. In Ben Stein’s film “Expelled” one of Richard Dawkins reasons for not believing in God is because the God of the Bible is a cruel God. But Dawkins is confusing the God of the Bible with the god of mythology. God doesn’t just throw lightning bolts at whomever. He isn’t looking down from heaven and being entertained by judging humanity. The God of Scripture offers life to all who will receive Him, but He must judge evil and not one person or nation crushed by God has ever been innocent… well, except for one, Jesus who became cursed and crushed by the Father on our behalf.  

Then there is the problem of those who make Jesus out to be a hippie just out there spreading peace, love, and happiness. Of course Jesus brings peace, love, and happiness to his children, but don’t forget it is Jesus who has a sword coming from His mouth at the final judgement. Jesus is not out there just to accept everyone. The Trinity is not at war within itself; Jesus hates sin as much as the Father does, and Jesus cannot tolerate rebellion just like the Father. My professor Steve Brown used to say he’d be a Buddhist if it weren’t for the Bible being true. Buddhism seems like such a peaceful religion, but any religion that denies Christ as Savior is a very cruel religion. I mean, I wish no one would go to hell. I wish all would turn from their evil ways and turn to Christ. But sin cannot be tolerated and those living in sinful lifestyles must repent or face the consequences of rebellion. Yes, Jesus’ blood can cover any sin, but one must first believe in Christ before the blood will wash away their sin. And once one has believe on the Lord Jesus Christ they have become a new creature and cannot continue in rebellion. Hippie Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible.

The last confusion I would like to talk about is Karma Christianity. Too many people see Christianity as “you do good things and good things happen to you; do bad and bad things happen to you.” Now, that isn’t completely untrue. We will be rewarded or accursed according to what we have done on this earth. But at the same time it’s really not about our work but His work. Too many people are trying to make up for the bad things they’ve done by doing good things which is the wrong motivation for doing good things. Christians are to do good things out of our new nature in Christ. We do good things because we want to not because we are trying to redeem ourselves. Christ’s work is the only work which covers our bad actions. He was good for us. Bad things happen to believers and good things happen to pagans during this life time. Some of the most righteous people suffer the worst of anyone, so suffering isn’t necessarily a sign that you have been bad but might be a sign of being tested. Christ never did anything bad and he had plenty of misery. Paul’s life actually became harder after he turned to Christ and left his murderous ways. Don’t look at bad circumstances as nessarily results of bad actions you have done but they could actually be tests testing your faith.  


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