Posted by: johnnyp1978 | May 7, 2008

Hail to the Radiohead

I saw Radiohead for the 3rd time in concert last night. I’d say next to Pink Floyd, who I saw back in ’94 or ’95, Radiohead puts on just an amazing show. As political as Thom Yorke is I’m pleased that he didn’t give long speeches and kept the songs rolling. There are too many musicians who use the stage as a time to speak their mind, but that’s not what I bought a ticket for, I want to hear your God-given talent not your world view; if you want me to hear your world view put it in a song. At the first two concerts I went to Thom didn’t give long speeches, but for some reason I was a bit nervous this time around, especially after his politically driven “Eraser.” But they talked very little and played a lot, so it was awesome. The lighting was freakin’ cool. They had these fiber-optic lines hanging down across the whole stage with 5 or 6 screens in the back of the stage. Almost every single song had its own lighting effect. One of my favorite lighting effects was for the “Pyramid Song.” The lights made a water like effect. I was very satisfied. There are only a few negatives I will give. For one, the t-shirts were freakin’ $40!!! Needless to say, I didn’t buy one. I’ve also never enjoyed the openers for Radiohead. The first time I saw them the Beta Band opened up for them. I just didn’t enjoy their stuff at all. The only thing I did like at the first concert was this DJ called Kid Koala, but something happened to the sound system in the middle of his set and he ended up not finishing. I don’t even remember who opened up for them at the 2nd concert… that means they had to be great. But last night this band called the Liars opened up; they were horrible! I mean, the dude’s voice was bad, their lyrics sucked, and I didn’t think they’d ever stop playing. But beyond this the concert was truly amazing. If Radiohead hasn’t come to your town yet and they will be somewhere near you I highly suggest seeing them.



  1. yeah but I bet it wasnt like my Bon Jovi experience! It’s like Bad Medicine

  2. I’ll be seeing Radiohead tomorrow evening in Charlotte. I was afraid that Liars would not be good from the small bits of “music” i found on the internet. I also thought the Beta Band was sub-par when i saw Radiohead several years ago. Glad to know that the show is good, though. I’m just hoping that everyone around me realizes that this isn’t a U2 concert and refrains from trying to sing along. Yikes.

  3. Sooooo jeaous.

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