Posted by: johnnyp1978 | May 14, 2008

Reformed freedoms abused

I am a highly Reformed individual. Calvinism really improved my Christian life and my relationship with God. There are so many gifts that came with the Reformation, but with every blessing there are curses. Here are a few observations I’d like to make about how the Reformed faith has been abused:

Sola Scriptura- Scripture alone! What a great gift. There is no authority above Scripture. The Reformed fathers took away the oppressive power of the Roman Catholic Church. But along with this freedom has come abuses. Not only was ultimate power taken away from the Church too many people don’t recognize any power from the Church. Though the Church has no authority that hasn’t been given to it from Scripture, the Church still has authority. But what we see now is a me, myself, and my Bible Christian lifestyle. There is no respect for tradition, creeds, confessions, etc. There is a low view of preaching, a low view of the sacraments, a low view of the pastoral office. Sola Scriptura is awesome, but the power to preach Scripture has been given to ordained servants. Authority has been given to these ordained servants to protect God’s people and to discipline them. Scripture, the ultimate authority, has authorized the distribution of the elements. So, to turn a deaf ear to the ordained servants of God is to turn a deaf ear to Scripture. The Reformation gave us freedom of conscience, but this doesn’t mean our conscience is always right. Sola Scriptura trumps freedom of conscience in the sense that if what you feel contradicts Scripture then your feelings are wrong. One gay Episcopal priest is getting married and he said he didn’t care what others were saying for he was doing what God called him to do. Now, what’s wrong with this picture? Well, Scripture is plain about the sin of homosexuality and God doesn’t call anyone to do something which contradicts His Word. Christians can’t just give their “Here I Stand” speech without biblical warrant. Martin Luther’s stance was grounded in Scripture and he struggled and studied Scripture before he made this bold move. Luther’s position wasn’t just something he just felt to be right; his heart and mind were both involved in this decision. There are plenty of other abuses I could list, but my biggest concern is that too many Christians don’t recognize the Church’s authority and are overly abusive of Christian liberty.



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