Posted by: johnnyp1978 | May 20, 2008

31,000 scientists reject ‘global warming’ agenda

Well, isn’t this interesting? –

I wonder how much longer the “global warming” scare is going to continue? Of course there is some relation between the high cost of oil and the war, but I’ll argue that this whole “Green” movement is the bigger culprit. These Green people are happy with the high cost of gas because they’re using it to their advantage. They want to control the people and know that if gas continues to go up we will be forced to “go green.” Want people to stop smoking? Tax the hell out of tobacco. Want people to stop driving? Make gas unaffordable. It’s about time for people to stop using Bush as a punching bag and turn to Gore and the like. Bush might not be the most eloquent speaker and has made some poor decisions, but he’s not a manipulator… which is obvious because if he was he would have way more love than he does. The fact that he’s so hated and stands on his convictions is quite amazing. Bush doesn’t cave into peer pressure. Global Warming is a scam; we cannot continue to allow these “Green” people to have the power and hold a fictional doomsday over our heads. As a Glenn Beck t-shirt says, “Screw the Caribou – Drill Alaska!” I also agree with Glenn, we need to develop alternatives to oil, but until then we are an oil based society and until the oil alternatives become economically affordable then we must continue to drill for oil and open up the Alaskan pipeline. That’s it for this rant… peace out!



  1. Interesting topic! I still don’t know what I think about global warming though…

  2. Global Warming is as trendy as Starbucks. Just wait a few more years and there will be a new “gloom-and-doom” trend. Global Warming is the new black.

  3. Yeah but what if I like Starbucks? 😉

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