Posted by: johnnyp1978 | June 16, 2008

PCA & Deaconess Study

Recently at the PCA’s General Assembly there was raised an overture recommending forming a search committe on the issue of deaconess (a.k.a. women deacons). Here’s an article that byFaith magazine wrote on what went down at GA:

I am happy to hear Fred Greco’s firm stand against this study. This is not an issue that is new to the church. As Greco pointed out, there is plenty of material out there on this subject. It was in the minds of the men who wrote the BCO on what position the PCA would take on women as elders and deacons. The reasons for not allowing women as deacons is not some chauvinistic idea, but something derived from Scripture. Yes, not all agree with this view. There are some who agree that women shouldn’t be elders but don’t see a reason why a woman can’t be a deacon. I stewed over that issue for a bit, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that the BCO of both the PCA and OPC are correct on the issue of deaconess.

I’m not going to use this blog to write about why women shouldn’t be deacons, but simply to speak on why I feel the PCA’s GA decision to reject the search committee was well grounded. As I’ve already stated the BCO’s stance on women in the church is not something some men wrote to keep power away from women. There is nothing in the BCO that restricts women from having roles in the church, just none that are ordained. The PCA BCO even allows women to be deacon assistants. WIC (Women in the Church) can have a strong voice. WIC can organize outreach programs, tend to the needy in the church, obey Scriptures command of the older women teaching the younger women.

The PCA doesn’t see this issue as something that needs to be debated. We have studied this issue already and fully agree that the BCO is grounded in Scripture. And to say that the men at GA lift the BCO above Scripture is ludicrous and a misunderstanding of how our church government documents are formed. The WCF and BCO were both written with Scripture as their guide. The teachings from both of these documents have been founded in Scripture. No, the WCF and BCO aren’t perfect, but they have been carefully and thoughtfully drafted and shouldn’t be… what’s the phrase? poo-poo’d.

Richard Pratt, speaking on the subject of New Perspective, said that if you hold to this don’t go into the PCA preaching it in her pulpits. Instead you should be entering into the Anglican church which welcomes this teaching. Same thing with women elders and deacons, there are sister denominations which embrace this view. Instead of battling the PCA why not consider entering into a denomination which hold to these views. The EPC is a conservative denomination which ordains women; the ARP as well allows women to be deacons. And there are still PCUSA churches that are conservative, though it sounds as if you might as well join the EPC seeing that many conservative PCUSA churches are heading that way.

Women have very special roles in the church. No one in the PCA denies that or wants to just shut the women up. Not everyone can be ordained. Being a man doesn’t automatically mean you can be ordained either. It requires a calling. We can continue beating dead horses or start working on issues that can truly have deep impacts on the church and the world.



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