Posted by: johnnyp1978 | June 24, 2008

Obama turns water into wine!

Wait! That was someone else who turned water into wine. I’m not an Obama supporter, but this blog isn’t here to bash Obama but rather the media who have crowned him king. It’s like Obama can do no wrong. And any opposition against Obama is automatically demonized. What pressed my button? Well, it was how the media handled James Dobson’s critique of Obama’s use of Scripture:

Now, I’m not always in full agreement with Dr. Dobson, but when it comes to the evangelical megastars I’m a bigger fan of him than most of them. I’m in full agreement with Dobson’s take on Obama. Obama didn’t use Scripture correctly, and then he goes on to say, “Folks haven’t been reading their Bibles.” Hey, I agree with Obama partly, I don’t think people have been reading their Bibles and many who have are listening to false doctrine so what they are reading is tainted by bad teaching.

This age of tolerance is killing me. Scripture is my source of truth and is law. When Jesus says “He is the way, the truth, and the life; no many comes to the Father but through Him” then I must believe that the only way to heaven is through the cross of Christ. Scripture also isn’t a book of mystery and isn’t some existential book whose meaning changes from person to person; neither does its meaning change from generation to generation. The Holy Bible and the Koran are not just two different books pointing towards God… one is true the other is false. The Old Testament wasn’t erased by Jesus, only fulfilled in Jesus. Leviticus is still a relevant book, it just has to be interpreted in the light of the coming of Jesus for it was only a shadow of the one to come.

If you are an Obama supporter that is your right and I can’t say you are morally wrong for that. But this age of tolerance has got to go. No, not all religions are on equal ground. Jesus Christ is the only way to enter into the Kingdom. His whole Word is law = Genesis through Revelation. Okay, enough of that rant.



  1. Amen!!

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