Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 1, 2008

The Art of Humility for the Music Snob

Okay, I’m a music snob. If the album or song is on the pop chart list I probably won’t like it. I can’t even hardly name for you a band that is popular among the teens these days… though when I see them wearing Green Day t-shirts I know they aren’t “Dookie” Green Day fans but “American Idiot” Green Day fans, which in my opinion are two different Green Days. I prefer stuff that is rare or stuff that has no equal. I mean, my favorite band of all time isn’t an unknown band. Of course nearly everyone has heard of Radiohead, but it’s not their accessible stuff as much as their “out there” stuff that attracts me to them. “Kid A” is probably my favorite of their albums, but not everyone can appreciate its beauty and majesty. Next to them I’d say Sigur Ros is on my top five list and my favorite album is “( )” which is definitely not for everyone. But something about “( )” just draws me into another world.

So, here’s why the title of this blog is titled the way it is. I am a music snob, but I try not to just crap on other’s music. I mean, I get quite upset when someone just tells me my music sucks, especially when it’s something very dear to me. A friend of mine actually said to my face that Radiohead was subpar!!! WTF? I mean, I know what she listens to and I could have unloaded ammo on her bad music taste, but NO… I’m above that. I try my best not to blast another person’s music. I will tolerate stuff I hate and will keep my mouth shut even when all I really want to do is take their CD and chuck it out the window… or erase it off their iPod or computer. I mean, there is certain pop music that I think most people will agree is crap… then I have no problem blasting it. Also, if asked for my opinion then I will not tell a lie… though I might sugar coat it a bit instead of being brutally honest. Though I don’t understand how some people stand to listen to certain music that I think is the worst sound I’ve ever heard I won’t burst their bubble and tell them that what they are listening to is making my ears bleed. So, my name is John and I am a music snob; I am trying my best to tolerate your music and promise not to accidentally drag steel wool across your CDs.



  1. Yah, though our music tastes don’t always agree (namely, I think there’s a lot of what I listen to that you don’t like), I think we both are pretty tolerant of music even if we’re not crazy about it. I hate when people crap on other people’s music too, especially when nobody asked their opinion.

  2. I think we have closer tastes in music than some of my friend’s, though. Yesterday I went on YouTube and looked up the “There Will Be Blood” soundtrack. You can hear every track on there. Jonny Greenwood is freakin’ talented.

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