Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 3, 2008

Homophobia and the Integrity of Scripture

Yesterday I was with a group of guys from church. We were sitting on John Muether’s patio smoking cigars and pipes and drinking some fine beverages. Many topics, random and purposeful, were discussed. I had written the Muether-bunny an email asking whether it was true that the PCUSA was indeed ordaining homosexuals. I knew it was always a topic which came up in the PCUSA’s General Assembly but wasn’t sure if it had ever been approved. The PCUSA has actually been ordaining gays for a number of years, but I believe they were required to be celibate. Now the PCUSA is changing that view. Pretty much it is safe to say that the PCUSA has been swallowed up by the postmodern culture and has allowed liberalism to devour her. There is an exodus happening in the PCUSA and people are leaving over the homosexual issue. But something that I hadn’t thought of until it was pointed out last night was why is it the issue of homosexuality that is driving people out? Machen left the PCUSA in the 1930’s over the issue of the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. This is a much bigger issue than homosexuality. I mean, really ordaining homosexuals is just a product of denying the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Ordaining homosexuals is heresy and gives warrant to leave a church, but why is the homosexual issue the straw that broke the horses back? I mean, this is what it looks like: “Questioning the inerrancy of God’s Word is not a big deal to me, but once you let them gays in the pulpit I’m out of here!” Maybe the homosexual issue is just a wake up call to those who have been sleeping in the liberal church; they just weren’t aware that God’s Word was in question. By all means, if your church is ordaining homosexuals you should leave, but if this is the issue that is driving you out and not the integrity of Scripture than you really need to check on whether you’re leaving out of reverence or homophobia.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog while searching for an image on google. While I don’t share your views on homosexuality, I don’t think it’s my place to tell you my opinion as much as I think it’s not your place to judge others (I mean, you’re not God, right? Just making sure, because I get the impression you feel you have the same privilege as the almighty to decide who is wrong and who is right. But I digress…) I do, however, find it incredibly irresponsible to have a link to “Global Warming???” on the side of your website. You may think it’s funny to take the side of the idiotic, anti-liberal, “global warming is a scam” group, but I find it despicable. I have an 11 month old son and I pray every day that others will realize the error of their ways and stop killing our planet, so that our children and our children’s children still have a home in the future. So you can write this off as just another piece of hate mail, or you can turn your life around, do the right thing, and stop enabling the destruction of our planet.

  2. Actually, my beliefs on homosexuality actually come from the mouth of God. So, I don’t decide who is wrong and right, but He has revealed in His Word what is wrong and right.

    As for Global Warming, there is no conclusive evidence linking humanity to Global Warming. There are plenty of scientists out there actually disproving the THEORY of Global Warming.

    Thanks for your argumentum ad misericordiam (appeal to pity). So, because you have a 11 month old I must buy into Al Gore’s scam? What I would worry about more is about where you and your child’s soul will spend eternity rather than this temporal world. Being good stewards of this planet is great and good, but I’m not jumping on the Climate Change bus when there’s plenty of evidence showing me that there is no reason to join the band.

  3. Pollution is wrong, whether or not you think global warming is a scam. No matter what you may think about Al Gore, it’s still despicable to discourage environmental awareness. And as far as me and my child’s souls are concerned, I know exactly what kind of person I am and I do NOT need some hypocritical bigot fretting for them. If I were you, I’d be more worried what your God is going to think of you when you stand before him to be judged. Good luck with that…

  4. Fortunately for me God is going to see the righteousness of Jesus rather than me.

    How do you make the giant leap from me denying Global Warming to me thinking that pollution is okay? I think we should take care of this planet, but at the same time ultimately this planet will be cleaned up at the consummation when Christ returns.

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