Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 16, 2008

Commander in Chief

I’ve been thinking about this election and though I’m not an Obama supporter I’m sort of scared to see what happens if he doesn’t win. There seems to be plenty of wackos out there who might riot if he doesn’t win. He has been placed on such a high pedestal and so many treat him like a messiah. The media potray him as a shoo-in. There’s really very little talk of McCain. I remember some of the celebrities saying back during the Bush-Kerry elections that they’d move to Canada if Bush won. This time around I feel as if there will be an uproar if Obama doesn’t win this election. Maybe this is just paranoia and things will be fine if McCain is victor, but there’s just something that scares me about the liberals in this nation this time around. I know that liberals would have preferred Kerry over Bush, but Kerry wasn’t worshipped like Obama. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in November. But no matter what the outcome is this fall I will pay respect to the winner for they will be my Command in Chief. If Obama becomes President Obama I must respect him as the leader of America. I won’t like most of his policies and will pray that he’s wise with his decisions, but I must still respect him. This is the difference that I see between conservatives and liberals (and of course this is generalizing), conservatives might not like Obama but I don’t see a threat of chaos if he wins while I fear that liberals won’t be so civilized if McCain is winner. I pray I’m wrong.



  1. My only response is something very politically incorrect that I won’t post here… I agree with you, though. I never really thought about it till you said something, but it’s worth thinking about. I have a hard time believing that McCain will win- I think the only way he’ll beat Osama, I mean Obama, is if Obama does or says something REALLY stupid that pisses a lot of people off from now till November. Unfortunately, you’re right, the media is really portraying him as a the modern-day savior- I heard the other day that they called Obama the best public speaker of our time. I think that’s funny.

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