Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 18, 2008

Shooting Pigs


Army to use pigs in trauma training


There are plenty of organizations that just make me mad and PETA is one. Read this article. We’re talking about freakin’ pigs! Animals once considered unclean, and they still are unclean in one sense God just lifted the dietary laws but these animals are still nasty creatures. I wonder how PETA would react to hearing the story of Jesus casting the demons into pigs and then the pigs go running off the cliff into the sea. Michael Vick was wrong for his dog fighting ring and for torturing the dogs; there’s no excuse for this. But I have no problem with the army using pigs for training at saving fellow soldiers’ lives. Human life comes before the life of an animal. My goodness, I wonder how PETA would react to the ways animals were sacrificed in the Old Testament. But the PETA worldview makes sense when there is no distinction between man and animal. If you hold to evolution then really man is just an evolved animal and who knows if in another billion years if man hasn’t evolved to something else? I don’t believe in mindless violence against animals, but if killing an animal or even torturing an animal is going to aid in helping save human life then I have no problem with it.



  1. True that. I’d kill a porker to save a human any day!

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