Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 23, 2008

High gas prices good?

“The Amateur” is a correct title for this guy –

This is a bunch of crap! Keep gas prices above $4 to force us towards fuel-efficient vehicles?! This isn’t a smart move. The problem isn’t that we don’t have fuel-efficient vehicles, the problem is that we don’t have have cost-effective fuel-effective vehicles. My Honda Accord still gets good gas mileage and I don’t think I should be forced into having to buy a new car because I can’t afford the gas in my current car. Anyway, that’s not the way it’s going to work. Even if it is costing me $50 a week for gas that’s still cheaper than buying a new car, especially a brand new “fuel-effective” car. This is my favorite line in the article: “Yes, even though I believe government intervention is usually a bad thing….” Yeah, usually until you agree with it. You want to help us out economically? Drill for oil! Lower the cost of gas AND research and develop cost-effective alternatives to oil. Cold turkey is not the way.


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