Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 31, 2008

Cigars to your health

Jerome Holtzman

I came across this photo and just love it. The guy with the cigar is Jerome Holtzman who was a writer for the Chicago Cubs. I think there’s just something classy about a cigar. Cigarettes are mainly smoked for coolness factor and are easily smoked and don’t really need an acquired taste. Cigars on the other hand are something one has to learn to enjoy. They can initially taste like sh*t the first time you try one. Then beginners usually enjoy a Swisher Sweet or Black & Mild, but these aren’t the true essence of a cigar. A good cigar usually costs twice the amount that a whole pack of Swisher Sweets cost. Not all cigars are meant to be harsh or heavy either. There are even quality “girly” cigars out there dipped in honey or have other types of delicious flavors. Quality is more measured in how a cigar was made rather than whether it’s bold or sweet. A cigar needs to have love put into it, something that is not done for a Swisher Sweet. A good cigar is not made by the cold metal hands of a machine but by an ordained cigar roller. I’ll admit, I once was a Black and Mild guy… even smoked Swisher Sweet mini-cigars for a while there. But now I’ve tasted the goodness of a hand-crafted cigar and can no longer go back to the redneck packs bought at the gas station. Below is a picture of me and some friends learning to roll cigars. Mine came out crappy looking like a mummy cigar; forgot to use the glue when i was rolling it… doh! Terry, to my right, won first place for his cigar and got two free boxes of cigars.



  1. I still haven’t acquired a taste for cigars yet…which I don’t necessarily feel bad for, as I am a woman and most women don’t smoke cigars. What I don’t like about it is that you can’t (or shouldn’t) inhale..and when you don’t inhale it leaves a nasty aftertaste for me. Hmm.

  2. Typically a nasty lingering aftertaste is the result of a bad cigar. Also, you kind of have to develop a pallet that can savor a cigar. I’ve still never been able to go completely black with coffee, but I have signficantly reduced the amount of sugar and I especially love that natural Hawaiian sugar. But developing a taste for cigars is sort of like developing a tongue for black coffee.

  3. George Burns once said: “If I had quit smoking when my dr. told me to I would not have lived long enough to go to his funeral.” Good Post!

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