Posted by: johnnyp1978 | August 5, 2008

Crocs are a Crock

I thought this was a hilarious article:

I remember the first time I saw a pair of Crocs I thought they were hideous. What shocked me the most was when I saw a guy wearing them. Not only are they hideous but look a little girly to me. My nephew, who is around 12 or 13, wanted a pink pair; that had become popular amongst the guys at his age. Pink?! At what point did boys start wanting to wear pink shoes? I’ve seen guys pull off a pink polo, even pink ties, but never pink shoes. There is nothing really crocky about Crocs. Crocs, the green creatures with pointy teeth, are mean and dangerous. Crocs the shoes would be better called Ponies.



  1. Well I must take this opportunity to stick up for them 🙂 I agree that they’re hideous- but they were first created by backpackers called thru-hikers who would hike hundreds of miles on like the App trail or PCT or something. They are designed to be lightweight (less than 3 oz.) so that you can clip them to your pack with a caribiner and slipped on once you get to your campsite after you take off your 5 lb. boots! I used them while hiking 30 miles and before I wore them I felt like my feet were going to fall off…but they felt great. Hikers have been wearing them for years, and it was through this avenue of outdoor shops that manufacturers realized that it could be marketed- and they could. Anyway, in it’s original for and original purpose, they’re a beautiful thing. Okay, had to say that!!

  2. *form, not for

  3. i think they should keep them in the woods, too. just like guys who wear them wrap skirts on hikes to keep from chafing. maybe they’re good for hiking, but when you’re not hiking keep them in the closet. i don’t want to see guys walking around in wrap skirts either.

  4. Whatever Porter, you know that pink Crocs and skirts are HOT on men!

  5. i know… i know.

  6. ahahaha! that was a funny article! we found some blue baby crocs and Pete REFUSES to let Lyle wear them. i’m like “whatever, free shoes!” but pete exercized his headship authority and Lyle’s never allowed to wear them.
    p.s. skirts ARE hot on men! 🙂

  7. haha! read this guy’s follow up to his article on crocs:

  8. WTF!??! How can people stick up for crocs, they’re so gay. btw if i were hiking, and tired and felt like my feet were gonna fall off, I’d rather have my feet fall off than get chaught dead in those D:


    ps. If I saw a guy wearing a skirt I’d kick him on his…………. if he has one >.>

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