Posted by: johnnyp1978 | August 18, 2008

Deceitful Trailers

You ever seen a movie trailer that just looked freakin’ awesome and then saw the movie and was completely different than what you expected. There was this Russian movie called “Nightwatch” and I loved the trailer. About 1:33 into the trailer a song by M83 begins called “Unrecorded”; this song just made the movie look like it was going to be really good. The movie was okay; I still kind of liked it, but it was totally different than what I thought. What’s also disappointing is when a song from a trailer never even ends up in the movie.

Another movie that I thought had a better trailer than movie was “The Matrix.” My favorite part in the trailer is when a song by Enigma is playing when they are in that lobby trying to get to the elevator. The actual movie had a total different feel in that scene. There was this bass guitar playing in the movie. I thought the Enigma music gave it more appeal.

Now “Friday Night Lights” was a really good movie and the music was great, also. But the trailer had Beck’s “Golden Age” playing and that’s one of my all time favorite songs. Well, I was so disappointed it was never in the movie.



  1. Yeah Friday Night Lights was awesome- probably my favorite sports movie. I couldn’t finish the first video you showed- too skeery!

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