Posted by: johnnyp1978 | August 22, 2008

Autumn is nearly here

Well, September is nearly upon us and the beginning of Fall will be here soon. I live in sunny Florida, so there really won’t be an Autumn for me which is the only time of year that I’m really sad not to be in the hills. When winter approaches it’s frigid time I won’t miss it up there, but not seeing the explosion of colors that Autumn brings is sad. I am hoping to make a visit up to Chatty at the end of October to see friends and the leaves, but there is a possibility of my evening job starting again in October and it might conflict with the time I was planning on going up there. But back to the beauty of Autumn, is there a more beautiful time of year than when the leaves start changing? The air gets crisp but not freezing; the air also almost seems cleaner to me for some reason. I love trips to the mountains and to just breathe in the cool Autumn breeze. Well, I don’t think I’ll live in Florida forever and one day I pray I end up back in the mountains. Here’s the things I love most about Fall: the air, the smells (apples, cinnamon, smoke from campfires and chimneys, pumpkin and sweet potato pie), the leaves, and just the calmness of the season.   



  1. Dude, I totally hear you on this. I love fall so much, and even love winter. Everything you mentioned about the fall is totally what I love too. Hey if you come to Chatty before I leave for SK, let me know and maybe we can chill. I have some friends there too!

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