Posted by: johnnyp1978 | August 27, 2008

Dumping Toilet Paper

Okay, this is about ridiculous:

Did you ever see that movie “Demolition Man”? In the future they had gotten rid of toilet paper and used three seashells which the “how to” was never explained. You also couldn’t cuss in the future or a cussing detector would print out a ticket. Sly Stallone went over to one and cussed so that he could get the paper to wipe his butt. I’d cuss too if I couldn’t get toilet paper to wipe my rear. Not only is a nice #2 a pleasant experience nice soft cotton toilet paper can just complete that enjoyment. I’m sorry, wiping with a rag and throwing it in a bucket then washing it in the laundry is just nasty. I’d have to have a separate washing machine just for the poop rags.



  1. Oh Glen, he’s my hero.

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