Posted by: johnnyp1978 | August 27, 2008

So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

“Dumb Neanderthals” –

How about this, there were no Neanderthals?! These scientists are racking their brains on why Neanderthals went extinct if they weren’t as stupid as we thought. Retards! It’s simple, humans did not evolve but all those remains you are attributing to Neanderthals are just human remains. I mean, I believe in microevolution. Man has evolved over the years. We are different sizes, shapes, and colors. I wouldn’t be surprised if early man were more like Neanderthals just because of the lifestyles they had during that time. Man in his early years was basically a caveman. Adam and Eve’s first set of clothing was made from an animal. Adam could have even looked like a Neanderthal. All that is theoretical. My complaint is that scientists have to find some other explanation for the Neanderthal being smart rather than saying they were just men from a different age.


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