Posted by: johnnyp1978 | September 12, 2008

Race Card Trumps All

Oh please!

Why, oh, why does this seem rational at all? Every place I’ve ever gone to vote has required me to show my driver’s license in order to vote. This is just pure logic. This is just a good filter to help against voter fraud. Even the poor who can’t even afford a car can go get a photo I.D. In a deck of cards usually you pull out the jokers and put them aside. We need to start putting this race card aside. I mean, if Obama loses are we going to be bombarded with race cards? Is the cry going to be that McCain won because everyone voted for the white guy and that the black vote didn’t count? Sorry, I’m just a bitter white guy clinging to his religion and guns.



  1. Isn’t it kinda racist to assume that only blacks don’t have licenses? And if not, why don’t they have ID’s anyway? And if for a legit reason, they should have ID’s anyway–what a bogus article. You’re right though- if you vote Republican you must be a racist “clinging to guns and religion” like you said.

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