Posted by: johnnyp1978 | April 8, 2009

Christian Fiction and Raised Eyebrows

Here’s a good review of the popular Christian book The Shack:

I have not read the book myself. I probably won’t ever have time to get to it for there are much more worthy books out there I must dive into. Pretty much a rule for me is that if a book is on the #1 reading list I usually raise an eyebrow to it. It’s pretty safe to say these books are going to be weak in doctrine. I think Walter Henegar’s words are right on target as he says, “The Shack is spiritual comfort food loaded with theological trans fat.” You may read these popular Christian books and they might make you feel closer to God but when seen in the light of Scripture they have actually led you astray to believe things about God that are not biblical.

I just finished doing devotions in the Gospel of John. You want to read an amazing story that brings you closer to God this is a good one. And the greatest part is that this is not fiction at all and completely biblical because it is part of the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I think the greatest Christian fiction ever written is John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. It is doctrinally sound and very beautifully written. There is even an updated verson called the New Pilgrim’s Progress. It’s the same story just put into contemporary English, in chapter format, and has footnotes explaining different parts that might not be quite as clear to a modern reader.


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