Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 6, 2010

July 4th Sunday

So, this past Sunday was July 4th which is a very interesting thing to ponder. Do we celebrate the Lord’s Day, Independence Day, or do we mix up the two? I talked to my mom and at her church the pastor didn’t even preach but instead they watched a video about the Constitution. I discussed this with my mom and I told her I felt that wasn’t appropriate for a Sunday service. That would have been fine to do on a Wednesday evening service or even a Sunday school class, but it wasn’t appropriate for worship. I remember in my past, before my Reformed days, I sat through services praising America. Yes, people’s faith might have been increased, but their faith was increased in America not Christ.

Before I go any further, most people who know me know I love this nation and that I lean toward very conservative positions. If you look through my blogs you will find topics showing my conservative views, but I will not say this is a “Christian” nation, but instead we are a nation founded on Christian principles. In fact, if you study the history of Calvin and Calvinistic politics you will find much influence upon Capitalism can be rooted there. So, I believe Capitalism to be founded on biblical principles, but we aren’t a theocracy and I’m definitely not a theonomist, so I believe the true Christian nation is one that is invisible and will be made visible at the return of Christ.

So, back to the July 4th Sunday, I wore red, white, and blue to church. I did have pride in that I’m an American, and I was thankful to live in a nation where I was able to worship freely. But I was grateful to sit under a sermon that did not focus on America at all. I am a pilgrim in this land before I am an American citizen. I came before the throne of God that is not in America but is in heaven. Now, I can’t say if it had been a nice clear evening that I wouldn’t have gone to see fireworks, but would that have been a violation of the Sabbath? I have to struggle with that before I can answer, but I will say that I’m fully convinced that a “sermon” on the greatness of America is never appropriate. Preaching Christ (I Cor. 1:23) is the job of the preacher on Sunday. God’s involvement with America is tremendously different from his involvement with His Church. God has used America as a tool to aid His Church with the religious freedoms we have in this GREAT nation, but the Church has been around long before America was created. And should this nation ever collapse the Church will still exist (Matt 16:18).

Pray for this nation. Pray that God would allow us to keep our religious liberties and that the church will grow in America. Patriotism is not idolatry as long as you recognize your citizenship  in the Kingdom of God before your citizenship in America. Some churches call for passivism, but I don’t think fighting for the freedom of this nation to be sinful. Next year July 4th will be on a Monday. If you go to a church that is very patriotic then I have no problem gathering together on Monday to celebrate Independence Day, but Sunday is to remain holy and set apart exclusively to worship our Lord and Saviour.


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