Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 7, 2010

Finding meaning in meaninglessness

My pastor preached through the book of Ecclesiastes. It was really good. I have learned how to look at this book in a different manner than I used to. I remember in my younger days I dealt a lot with depression and this was one of my favorite books to turn to. This book definitely deals a lot with depression. Life does carry with it a whole lot of burden and evil. It seems that most people look at this book as the Preacher teaching what life is like for those who don’t know God. But a thorough reading you will see that the Preacher actually recognizes that life is hard for both the wicked and the righteous. That in the end all are heading towards the grave. There are lies being spewed from the health and wealth preachers that if a Christian is truly faithful they don’t have to suffer in this life. But this so far from the truth. Christians don’t get cancer because they haven’t been faithful enough. Even the most upstanding Christian can lose their job and lose all of their money. No human on earth is void of the effects of the Fall. Some people get through life in ease and some get dragged through broken glass and thrown into lemon juice. Some people end up having a rough life because of sinful choices, true, but some don’t. Some people end up with a cushy life because of sin as well. I wouldn’t consider Hugh Hefner the most righteous man on earth but he’s lived a very profitable life. Then you meet a very strong Christian person who comes down with a horrible disease. Ecclesiastes recognizes the hardships of life. Now, life isn’t all horrible. And yes, God does shower goodness upon all of  His creation and especially upon His children. But until the second coming this life is still under the effects of the Fall. The Preacher repeatedly uses the word vanity to describe life. No matter what you do, no matter how good you are, no matter if you exercise every day, you refrain from smoking, and drink only soy milk and eat veggies you will one day be worm food. We should not cling so tight to this life as to make an idol out of it for just like idols this life is also crumbling. Not until Christ returns to set this world straight and destroys the effects of sin completely will life have true meaning.


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