Posted by: johnnyp1978 | July 20, 2010

The Bubble Syndrome

In many ways this is ironic that I’m using a blog to write about what people write on the internet. I’m writing this because my blood is just boiling reading the comments people are writing about Glenn Beck going blind:

You ever noticed how confident people get once they are inside their car? I mean, many people would never flick someone off on the street, at a ball game, or anywhere where they could possible get their butt kicked, but once you are in that safe bubble of a car you feel like you’re invincible and gain this false confidence that you can now flick people off with no consequence (unless that person has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it). You cuss people out inside your car, but you wouldn’t dare do that without that metal frame separating you from them. The same thing has happened with the internet. I mean, I’ve even had comments written on some of my blogs that a person would have never said to my face, or at least they wouldn’t have been as rabid.

I am not a fan of our president. Obama is screwing up majorly, but I do not wish cancer upon him or death. I just don’t want him in office anymore; just because someone disagrees with my views doesn’t mean I should hate them. I mean, if this is some evil dictator who is killing people, then yes, I wish justice on their head. But what happened to sticks and stones? No one is forced to listen to Glenn or Rush. I shared similar views to them way before I ever listened to them, and I don’t always agree with them at all. I don’t know why people assume that if you are a conservative you must be brainwashed by Glenn or Rush. Aren’t all you liberals brainwashed by NPR and the media???

But back to the main point, Glenn is using his Constitutional given rights to speak what he wants to and it’s fine to disagree with him. But how sick have we gotten where we get giddy over a person we don’t like getting ill? I mean, to wish death upon Glenn??? The same people who are all about tolerance and cry peace can have some of the most hateful hearts you can find.



  1. Well said JP well said!!

  2. I totally agree with you. There is a double standard out there which says if you are liberal you can say certain things and if you are conservative you cannot. I certainly don’t wish ill of anyone – but I don’t always agree with them. We can coexist without the hatred of differing oppinions.

  3. Well written message, JP. 🙂

    Good observation about peeps..And yeah, I’ve seen some immature, appalling internet comments out there.

    Liberals are prob.threatened by the truth and yeah, can get hateful!

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