Posted by: johnnyp1978 | September 28, 2010

Athiests know more about thiesm than Thiests

I found these articles interesting:

This is pretty shameful. I think this is a result of weak faith. I often wonder if people are actually scared to investigate their faith out of fear of finding they are wrong. I’m part of a thumb nail in the Christian world called the Reformed faith (Calvinism) which used to be a giant. The Reformed faith has a deep respect for the intellect in the Christian faith. Too many people think you have to divorce the brain from the heart in Christianity. People use the cliché “blind faith” when Christianity is not at all a blind faith. God even found it important to not just give us one gospel but four gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Even Paul says that nature leaves man without excuse for denying God’s existence.

Now, to be clear Christianity isn’t to divorce the heart from the brain but neither should the brain be divorced from the heart. There is an invisible reality that can’t be proven by scientific methods. There’s a world that not even the most powerful telescope or microscope can observe. Only through the eyes of faith can these things be observed, but it isn’t a blind faith. In fact, it is those who deny Christianity who are blind.

Christians open your Bibles and don’t just read them for personal devotions, but also study the history of redemption starting from Genesis to Revelation. Buy a book on the history of the faith. If you really don’t know who Martin Luther is then you are definitely in some trouble and need to get a book today. Alister Mcgrath has written some good church history books. Here’s one that looks like a good introduction to the history of the Reformation that seems a little less text-bookish:  I certainly hope you at least know who Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus are; these are pretty significant persons from the Bible, especially the one whose name starts with J.

I know I have failed in studying church history the way I should. I did study under a very smart church historian, Dr. Frank James, but talk about information overload. 2000 years of church history in two semesters is quite a feat. I also study under a great apologist, John Frame, but I am in no ways an apologist. But I do know the answer to how many of each kind of animal did Moses bring on the ark (None… that was Noah).  

I Peter 3:15 tells Christians to be ready to make a defense for what they believe. Not every one has to excel at apologetics to defend the faith. But it is good to at least be able to say why you believe even if you can’t answer every objection out there.


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