Posted by: johnnyp1978 | March 4, 2011

King of Limbs: A Review

Well, I guess it’s about as good of time as any to review the new Radiohead album “King of Limbs.”

Let me first say, wow, I think this album has gotten stuck in my head. While I agree with the #1 complaint about this album and that’s the length, there’s still something very structural about this album. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Radiohead learned about structuring an album after their first album, Pablo Honey. You can tell that Pablo Honey doesn’t really blend very well, but from then on their albums seem to have a great flow. Of course, I still believe their Kid A album to be their masterpiece. There are greater songs from other albums, but as a piece of work I believe Kid A is perfectly structured.

So, let’s now go track by track on KOL:

#1: Bloom – Perfect beginning to this album. It instantly drew me into the album.  Thom’s singing is yet once again mesmerizing. I just love the first line: “Open you mouth wide, the universe will sigh.”  This is definitely a jazzy song… with a bit of acid thrown in.

#2: Morning Mr. Magpie – I actually hear some Beatles in this song. Most of you are probably like, huh? Well, give Ringo some crack and maybe you’ll hear it. Am I the only one who hears “Within You Without You” from Sgt. Pepper when Thom sings the line “Good morning Mr. Magpie, how are we today?” To tell you the truth this is probably one of my least favorites of the album, yet it gets stuck in my head and I’m singing the line that I just mentioned. Plus, I do like the way it is wrapped up in the end.

#3: Little by Little – This is a fun one. I love the guitars and the cling clang.

#4: Feral – A very eerie instrumental song. Thom has vocals in this song but his voice is used as an instrument. Now, it’s possible he’s actually saying something that are actual words, but I don’t think so and when I looked up lyrics the website just said “instrumental” under Feral.

#5: Lotus Flower – This is the song that gets stuck in my head the most off this album. I sometimes just want to stand up in my cubicle and start doing the crazy Thom dance (he actually stole that dance from me). I absolutely love this song. Definitely one of their best dance songs. I love the synth keyboard sound in it. They have used this sound in other albums. It kind of reminds me of synth music from B-horror films from the 80’s.

#6: Codex – Definitely the most beautiful song off this album. In fact, it may be one of their most beautiful songs period. I love the horns throughout the song. And at the end the strings are a nice touch.

#7: Give Up The Ghost – The vocals are appropriate for this song because they sound ghostly. I will say something that makes this album different from many of their others is the fact that you can understand most of the lyrics in this one. I still mumble my way through a lot of their stuff and really never know what Thom is really saying. On KOL I find myself able to sing along and know exactly what is being said.

#8: Separator – Just a perfect book ending. Maybe this is just me, but for some reason this song kind of has a Paul Simon feel to me. I just hear a similar echo effect to Thom’s voice that Paul Simon liked to use and a similar beat as well. It ends much like a Radiohead concert… you don’t want it to.

Well, that’s my review. Hope you enjoy the new album. Really hoping they are going to pull an Amnesiac like they did with Kid A and gift us with some more great music.


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