About me

whhhhhhhat.jpgI graduated from Covenant College in 2001. In 2003 I headed down to Orlando, FL to attend Reformed Theological Seminary. I graduated in 2006 with a M.Div. I became a member of the PCA in 1997, but in 2007 I became a member of the OPC for many different reasons. I didn’t grow up Reformed but did grow up in the church my whole life. Now I absolutely love the Reformed faith. I am a firm believer in Sola Scriptura – the Bible is completely inerrant and infallible. I am also a big fan of indie music and my favorite band is Radiohead. Right now I am just working a regular office job but plan to get licensed in the OPC sometime in the near future. I am also single and desire marriage one of these days. Well, enough rambling about myself.



  1. Hello,

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    • No problem. Sorry I’m just getting to you. Been away from my blog for a while. I’ll be happy to add a link to my page.

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